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Pure Life specializes in organic cleaning and maid service for Austin, Texas homes and commercial buildings. Our domestic cleaning service area also encompasses Circle C, Barton Creek, Oak Hill, Dripping Springs, South Austin, Lost Creek and West Lake Hills. Unlike most housekeeping and maid services, Pure Life uses only 100% organic cleansers and green cleaning techniques. This ensures that our clients’ homes are clean and purified in the most eco-friendly way possible. Here’s some more info on our cleaning services.

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We deeply believe that the health of your home contributes a great deal to the health of your family. So our Austin maid service uses only organic cleaning products, environmentally sound equipment and methods. We formulate our own cleansers using all-organic essential oils, vinegar, Castile soap and other natural ingredients. In addition to being green products, the essential oils impart a wonderful aromatherapy experience to your home. How many Austin maid services, cleaning ladies or housekeeping services offer that?

There are a lot of pretenders out there. The typical Austin maid service may tout ‘green cleaning’, ‘natural ingredients’ or ‘eco-friendly’ cleansers. But a lot of these so-called ‘green cleaners’ contain toxic chemicals. Very few domestic cleaning services, carpet cleaners, window washers or janitorial services in the U.S. use organic products exclusively. Don’t be confused by these marketing ploys and vague terms like ‘green’, ‘eco’ and ‘natural’. Insist that your maid service uses 100% organic cleaners and methods.

Maid Services for Austin Homes, Apartments and Condos

In addition to cleaning single-family homes, we also offer maid service to Austin-area clients living in apartments, duplexes or condos. Our prices are based on the square footage of your dwelling. So an apartment cleaning or periodic maid service for a condo can be very economical. Call Pure Life today for a quote and schedule an appointment!

We frequently clean houses, condominiums and apartments for new residents just before they move in. You never know what kind of pathogens, toxic chemicals, pet residue or other potential irritants the previous occupants may have left behind. Yes, there may have been a superficial cosmetic cleaning after they moved out; but who knows what harsh cleansers, solvents, ‘air fresheners’ and ineffectual cleaning practices were used? It’s best to have a professional maid service cleanse and purify your new home before you move in – and get you off to a healthy start.

Most Central Texans are environmentally conscious and health-wise; and the demand for our organic Austin maid service is increasing rapidly. Initially we focused on downtown Austin and Circle C; but now we have extended our coverage to South Austin, Dripping Springs, Barton Creek, Oak Hill, Lost Creek and West Lake Hills. And we expect to expand our client base to additional neighborhoods in the coming months. If you live in the city or southwest Austin and would like to try our organic maid service, call us at (512) 800-5548.

Commercial Cleaning and Professional Maid Service

In addition to cleaning homes, Pure Life also provides maid service to Austin businesses and non-profit organizations. Employers are increasingly aware of the benefits a clean and healthy workplace can have on employee productivity, attendance and morale. Many Austin workers suffer from allergies (cedar and mold especially) and are also sensitive to harsh cleaners and other aromatic chemicals found in offices and factories.

Pure Life’s Austin maid service professionals utilize only plant-based organic cleansers and green cleaning equipment. The organic products we use embody antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. We offer our residential and commercial clients a choice between scented and unscented versions of these products.

Our equipment is eco-friendly and supportive of the green environment you want in your building. We use Dyson DC65 HEPA vacuum cleaners — the first vacuums to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as Asthma and Allergy Friendly™. They remove allergy-causing dirt and dust from the workplace, and enhance the indoor air quality. These sophisticated industrial cleaning systems capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, much smaller than conventional vacuums or rug cleaners. It’s no surprise that Dyson vacuums are used in computer labs, computer chip fabrication plants, hospitals and other medical facilities.

In addition to the HEPA filtration vacuums, we also employ vapor steam mops to deep clean, deodorize and polish hard flooring. These electric mops remove dirt and stains, and kill dust mites. Vapor steam mops sanitize floors by killing mold spores and bacteria. The steam penetrates even the smallest cracks and crevices, resulting in a bacteria- and mold-free floor surface.

Austin Maid Services – Circle C — South Austin — Westlake Hills

We are excited by the increasing awareness of the benefits of the organic lifestyle, and the growth of our Austin maid service business. But — most importantly — we enjoy hearing back from our residential and commercial clients about how great it feels to live and work in an organically cleaned home or office building. It’s these happy customers that motivate our professional staff to do such a great job for our homeowners and office manager clients. Check out some of the testimonials at the bottom of our Home page.

For people who are health-conscious and environmentally aware, our Austin maid service is a great complement to the healthy food, exercise and natural products in your lifestyle. People who eat organic food, wear clothing made from natural fabrics and live in houses with low-VOC finishes do not want their homes cleaned with hazardous petrochemical solvents. As our population becomes more aware and concerned about allergies, chemical sensitivities and air quality at home and work, we expect organic maid services to become even more widespread.

There’s nothing like the experience of living in a home (or working in an office) maintained by an organic maid cleaning service. Your house can be fresh, clean and purified – with no more unpleasant odors, harsh chemicals, invisible irritants or allergy-triggering cleaning equipment! We look forward to the opportunity to clean and purify your home or office. Call Pure Life today: (512) 800-5548

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