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cleaning-houses-austin-txThe demand for organic house cleaning in Austin is increasing dramatically. Most Central Texans are knowledgeable and concerned about the environment — outdoors and inside their homes. We prefer cleansers and cleaning processes that are safe and effective, and want to avoid having chemical irritants in our houses.

When it comes to house cleaning Austin residents can be very particular. People in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle are conscious of the materials in their environment. We eat organic food, buy clothing made from natural materials — and use low-VOC paint, wall coverings and flooring in our homes. We want our bodies, houses and workplaces to be free of harsh chemicals, allergens and other irritating substances that are present in mass-market products.

If you have allergies or sensitivities to aromatics in the air, or just want to make your house as healthy as possible, try our house cleaning services. We’re a locally owned and operated Austin business, and also serve the nearby suburbs of West Lake Hills, Circle C, and Lost Creek. And, as the local demand for organic housekeeping increases, we are expanding our service area to other neighborhoods. Contact us today for a quote and appointment!  (512) 800-5548

Our Organic Apartment, Condo and Home Cleaning Services

Pure Life’s house cleaning services use only 100% USDA Certified Organic cleansers. Essential oils, Castile soap, olive oil — and organic vodka (!) Along with pure distilled water, natural and biodegradable ingredients like baking soda, Himalayan salt and colloidal silver. No heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine or other impurities commonly found in tap water or commercial household cleaners. Here are more details about our organic cleaning service.

Speaking of commercial cleansers, most people are not aware that some of the most popular house cleaning products contain corrosive chemicals, poisons and other harmful ingredients. A recent article by the Organic Consumers Association revealed numerous examples of problematic commercial drain cleaners, oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners and general-purpose cleansers. These contain harsh detergents, bleaching agents, softeners, scourers and polishes. Their ingredients are poisonous if ingested, harmful if inhaled or touched, and contribute to indoor air pollution. If the manufacturer puts a label on the bottle that says ‘Poison’, ‘Danger’, ‘May Cause Burns on Contact’ or ‘Harmful If Inhaled’, do you want these used to clean your house?

We don’t want your family – or our employees – to be exposed to these chemicals. In contrast with other companies offering house cleaning in Austin, we mix our cleaning products ourselves using 100% organic ingredients. Clients can choose between unscented or lightly–scented with essential plant-based natural oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon or Tea Tree. We guarantee our products to be safe, pure and clean. And you’ll be surprised to learn our house cleaning services don’t cost much more than conventional maid service.

Domestic Cleaners – Housekeeping — Residential Cleaning

Our Austin house cleaning teams utilize a variety of high tech equipment to scrub, polish and purify our clients’ homes. We use portable Dyson HEPA vacuum cleaners to remove dust, mold dirt and other small particles. Dust (often including bacteria, human skin cells, spores, dust mites, pollen and pet dander) is the major cause of allergic reactions in the home environment. Our Dyson vacuums remove these allergens from household furniture, surfaces and the air.

HEPA filter vacuums are far superior to the dusters, electric brooms and conventional vacuums used by other Austin housecleaning companies. Those antiquated products can stir up dust and pathogens — actually reducing indoor air quality. The Dyson machines are specially engineered to create airflow that directs all of these dust particles and allergens into the HEPA filters where they cannot escape into your home.

For large hard flooring areas, we use electric steam mops. In addition to scrubbing and polishing, their vapor disinfects and deodorizes the floor surfaces. These electric mops are much faster than conventional mopping, and produce better results.

On smaller surfaces we use Norwex micro fiber cloths. Their physical structure and electrostatic charges enable these high tech fabrics to attract, trap and retain dust. They allow us to clean faster and remove more allergy-causing dust than with conventional house cleaning cloths. The Norwex cloths also contain a micro-silver antibacterial agent that renders mold, fungi and bacteria harmless.

Pure Life Organic Cleaning – Downtown Austin – Lost Creek

There are several Austin house-cleaning services that purport to use green or eco-friendly products. Well, green and eco- are not the same as organic. We strictly adhere to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) product requirements for organics.

At Pure Life we take a holistic approach to cleaning homes. We only use 100% organic ingredients and plant-based oils in our cleansers. We have advanced equipment, materials and procedures to clean efficiently and remove allergens, toxins and pathogens from your home. We thoroughly train our people to use our products and equipment carefully, safely and effectively. When we’re done, your house is not just clean, fresh and shiny – it’s purified.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current Austin housecleaning service, give us a try.
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