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“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”
― Gandhi

Pure Life Organic Cleaning is pleased to partner with other Austin businesses who share our commitment to non-toxic, sustainable and organic products and practices! We encourage you to keep Austin strong and support these wonderful local companies.

Organic Products

We proudly gift our clients the very best organic and locally crafted products for your enjoyment and relaxation.


Great Bean Chocolate

Delivers the most delectable, nutrient-dense, sustainably grown, and fairly traded cacao on the face of the earth, and they are a local Austin company!


Zhi Teas

Offers the finest in premium organic tea, sourced from all over the world the tea is handcrafted right here in Austin. With every absolutely delightful cup you will relax and savor the day.


Sunray Waters

SunRay Waters distills water to remove approximately 99.9% of all contaminants. The water is then percolated through a unique, coconut shell granular activated charcoal filter that endows it with a crisp, fresh, light and lively taste. Pure Life Organic uses Sunray’s distilled water in all our formulas and highly recommends their water delivery services to both our residential and commercial clients.

Partners in Toxic Free Cleaning

Our partners in clean offer you the very best in non-toxic services.


Eco Clean

Since 1996, EcoClean has been a leader in providing non-toxic dry cleaning in Austin. Unlike other local dry cleaners, EcoClean uses a wet cleaning process that cleans garments without the use of dangerous dry cleaning chemicals like perc that have harmful effects on human health and the environment. Their door to door delivery service makes it an incredibly convenient service for one and all!


Organic Carpet Care

Providing the safest and healthiest carpet cleaning methods available in Austin, Organic Carpet Care’s cleaning system is environmentally friendly and their products are natural, non-toxic while being completely effective. They use 9O% less water, which translates to an incredibly fast drying times and a lesser impact on the environment!

Local Service Providers


Hey Handy

Offering affordable home improvement services with exceptional quality to the city of Austin and surrounding areas. Look no further than owner Ryan Whittaker for all your handy man needs!


Exquisite Petals

Without question Austin’s premier florist, Exquisite Petals specializes in floral decorations from everything from large events like weddings and commercial properties to custom spectacular arrangements for your very own enjoyment

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