“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” —Frank Lloyd Wright

At Pure Life Organic Cleaning we have a particular passion for the custom formulas and state of the art tools we use to clean your home effectively and without the use of any harsh toxic chemicals, the result is a safe, pure clean. We apply the same environmentally sensitive approach to commercial cleaning and residential house cleaning. That’s our purity promise!

Our organic maid service team employs high technology HEPA filtration vacuums, electric steam mops and anti-bacterial microfiber cloths. All our ingredients are hand selected to work synergistically with one another, they are chosen for their broad spectrum antimicrobial properties, gentle cleaning abilities, and proven effectiveness. We take special care seeing that each surface is treated with appropriate formulations to maximize results while protecting surfaces.

100% USDA Certified Organic Ingredients

Organic Essential Oils

These concentrated herbals not only enhance the cleaning value of all our formulas but also provide a beautiful aromatherapy experience. Our unique blends feature Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, or Eucalyptus as a base because they all poses antibiotic, antifungal, anitiviral, and antibacterial qualities. We are pleased to offer both custom and unscented cleaning services.

Organic Castile Soap

A gentle yet highly effective cleaner, we love utilizing organic Castile soap in many of our formulas and find it particularly well suited to cleaning floors or any surface which is heavily soiled.

Organic Olive Oil

This lovely oil has household uses that reach beyond the kitchen. It is an excellent polish for wood furniture and can also be used to remove stubborn ‘goo’ from surfaces.

Organic Vinegar

Vinegar’s acetic quality enables it to kill bacteria, mold, and germs while being completely safe for the environment and the body, after all, many of us eat it on a daily basis! It can be used as glass cleaner, surface degreaser, disinfectant (99.9% effective against bacteria) and deodorizer. It should however never be used on granite or marble surfaces so we take special care and only use it where appropriate. The use of vinegar in their spaces.

Organic Vodka

This traditional spirit also has a wide array of uses as a cleaning agent. A fabulous degreaser it is suitable for areas where vinegar should not be used like granite and marbles surfaces, it also serves as a highly effective disinfectant, mold inhibitor and stain remover. This food grade ingredient is completely safe to be used in cleaning formulations and around the home.

Natural Wonders

These precious substances have been used throughout human history to disinfect, deodorize, scrub, and cleanse. They are completely non-toxic, food grade, biodegradable, minimally processed and incredibly effective products from the earth.

Pure Distilled Water

The importance of pure water should never be underestimated. All of our formulas start with a distilled pure water base free from chlorine, heavy metals, or other impurities found in regular tap water ensuring that our other ingredients can perform at maximum effectiveness and potency.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a wonderfully safe naturally occurring mineral in the earth. We source our premium baking soda directly from the largest mine in Colorado ensuring it is always 100% aluminum free and of the purest quality. A trusted scouring agent, its also deodorizes and kills mold and mildew!

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Salt is a pure substance mined from 200 million year old mountain deposits. It is a great cleaning companion to vinegar and baking soda as it naturally increases their cleaning efficiency.

Colloidal Silver

Liquid silver is a remarkably simple antimicrobial solution. It consists of 99.999% pure water and 0.0001% silver yet still manages to safely kill pathogens. NASA and international airlines trust silver water purification systems and in clinical studies silver water has successfully killed antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria such MRSA along with several hundred virus, fungi, and protozoa. It is odorless and is completely non toxic to humans and the environment. We use structured silver water as the base for many of our formulas to increase their natural disinfecting qualities

Technologically Advanced Tools

Quite simply, the best tools allow our staff to accomplish a higher level of clean in shorter amount of time.

HEPA Filtration Vacuums

Dyson vacuums are the first to earn a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for their ability to remove a maximum amount of allergy causing dust and dirt, actually improving air quality. Dust is the number one cause of allergies in the home; so its removal is essential to keep your space healthy. With HEPA filtration and powerful suction, Dyson cyclones capture particles down to 0.3 microns, allowing us to deep clean every time we vacuum.

Steam Mops

Vapor steam mops clean, sanitize, deodorize, and polish hard floor surfaces instantly! Electric steam mops are a whopping 50% faster than traditional mopping and they kill bacteria and mold spores on contact in the tiniest cracks and crevices. We never mop floors, we steam clean them for the most rapid sparkling results.

Color Coded Micro Fiber

Norwex micro fiber cloths are the most technologically advanced cleaning cloths on the market. They allow us to clean faster and more thoroughly. The Norwex cloths feature an electrostatic charge to attract even the smallest particles of dirt, grease and moisture — and a self purification system to protect itself against mold, fungi and bacteria. Our color coding system ensures there is no cross-contamination between bathrooms, kitchens and general living areas; and we wash them after every use with USDA certified organic soap nuts and hot water!

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